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Team of designers, developers, and marketers who focus on Software Development, Design & Marketing.

Branding and Website by Odin Labs, 2019.

Branding for Precision Autoglass Company. Odin Labs 2020.

Precision Autoglass Company is a brand located in the Bay Area that specializes in aut o glass replacement exclusively for Teslas.

They have over 30 years of experience and are kings in customer service, so when they approached us with the idea of a rebranding and website, we immediately understood the necessity of communicating the fantastic work they do as a brand directly to their customers and future clients.

Being one of the few legitimate Tesla repair glass providers in the US and working with Tesla since its beginning, Precision has perfectioned their…

The short answer is yes, but please let me elaborate more.

Even before the pandemic, companies started to stir towards digital content for promotion, giving these kinds of actions tons of power over sales, consumer perception, and overall brand equity.

And you might wonder; why am I saying that design is essential if all these actions sound like marketing? Because marketing strategies for digital content depend 50% on design — in other words, if you have great design and a solid marketing strategy, your brand will thrive online.

Mitzi — Lead Designer at Odin Labs.

How good design helps my presence online?

  1. Good design helps attract attention…

Branding by Odin Labs, 2020.

Branding for Miranda Raw Pet Foods. Odin Labs 2020.

Miranda is a Mexican company based in Tijuana that offers nutritional solutions for pets.

Not often we see companies like theirs, and if we are sincere, we fell in love with the vision of the project since the beginning, and it’s all because of their story.

The brand creators are proud dog parents of Miranda, a small and funny corgi who started developing health problems because of the commercial food that she was consuming. …

We’re glad you’ve landed here — it means you’re probably interested in revamping your brand or start a new project. If you are not in that mindset yet, stay around and learn about us and how we started this company, and maybe you’ll find resources or inspiration to create your own.

Hello, we are Odin Labs, a collaborative team of professionals who provide software development, design, and marketing services for other brands or projects. But, before discussing why we love what we do, we need to start with how Odin Labs was conceived.

While studying together, our Partners realized that…

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